Tuesday 29 November 2011

Why do I want to be an Airline Pilot?

My ultimate career goal is to be an airline pilot, but what exactly are my reasons for craving such a challenging career?

1. Everybody wants something in life but a 'want' is not essential to live. It is possible to survive very easily without it and most people forget about their wants over a given period of time. That is why I don't want to be a pilot; I need to be a pilot. I need to be an airline pilot because if I never fulfill my dream, I will never reach Self-Actualistation on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. It has become a mental thought and I use it for motivational purposes while studying. Often times while studying I lose interest and I believe that I can find more answers in the four walls that surround me. But reality always sheds some light on the walls and I discovered that even by using an infra-red light the answer still doesn't show up. I determined that if you need something enough you will work extremely hard for it; be it that you just sit down and learn your Macbeth quotations or you run twenty miles a day, it's a sacrifice that has to be made and I am willing to make that sacrifice.

2. I believe that being an airline pilot suits my personality. I cannot justify that with an example, but I feel that I have developed a sense of love for aviation that i never even knew could exist in my genes. I knew it would be an amazing job to be involved with the airlines, but I never believed that I could do it. It was beyond my wildest imagination to even consider working for the airlines. I never knew what I wanted from life until my peers began to ask me about my career choices. I looked to the sky for inspiration and there it was, my dream career flying over my head in a Boeing 777 to New York.

3. I want to be the first to greet the day and watch the sun peek up from beyond the horizon at FL380. I enjoy watching the sun rise and the sun set on any given day but it would be even more magical if i could do it from the cockpit window while soaring through the sky. A lot of the population of today's world rely on modern day technologies to keep ourselves satisfied, but we rarely realise how much natural phenomena can influence our day. Watching the sun take its course throughout the morning us especially fascinating because there is a feeling of unspoiled nature produced and animals scurrying around in their natural habitats. Natural light sources remind me of family in far destinations, but the fact that we see the same moon and sun everyday shortens the distance and makes far away feel like over the road.

I do not mind having to succumb to jet lag every day of the week, in fact I am looking forward to it. I feel like I have the right attitude and the right state of mind to carry out this enthralling vocation that has been assigned to me for I believe that no other career path will suit my needs and temptations.

It is a deep desire that can never be unsettled.


  1. Aisling, this is a great post. There is something about the personality of a pilot. I know you will make it!

  2. Thank you Karlene, I really appreciate your comment. It means a lot to me for someone with as much experience as you do make a wonderful statement!