Tuesday 22 November 2011

Joint Career Venture

In my previous post I wrote about my first choice career of being an airline pilot. Even though I believe no other career will suit me, there is one other that I can combine with being an airline pilot. I have seen many people do it and many people dream of doing it. Often on long haul flights there is minimal to do in the cockpit apart from occasionally checking that everything is running smoothly and the odd announcement about the weather at the destination airport. Because of this, to avoid boredom, I have chosen to become an author.

It is only in the past year that I have begun to enjoy writing. Everyday my biggest fear was walking into English class to study Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry and Romeo and Juliet. I hated it and I always tried to skip it and go to football instead. I did bad in tests, I only ever received 55%. I lost all hope for English, and even avoided being caught not doing my homework on several occasions. However, I wanted to prove to my teacher that I could do well in my Junior Certificate - and that is what I did. I entered the exam hall and wrote every ounce of information that was present in my head with the best vocabulary I was capable of using. When I walked out of the exam, I felt that I had hammered the nail on the head and ended up receiving a prestigious A.

That is only one of my miraculous stories, I continue to produce more every day. I enjoy writing more than ever now, so much so that I have began to devote at least thirty minutes of my time a day putting the most effort that I can into writing my blog. Many people continue to believe that writing is rather pedestrian and mundane, but the truth is that it is only monotonous when you are discussing a topic that you have no interest in. I have began to write about aviation and I couldn't enjoy it any more than I already am.

I have studied more career options than I can count on my hands and feet. I have dismissed some by simply glancing at their titles. I am positive that I am going to be an airline pilot, but people keep reinforcing that I need a backup plan. I believe that I don't need a second plan, I am determined to succeed. Then again, why would I need a second plan if I can combine two-in-one and have a joint career venture? This is my favourite plan so far, even if it is just updating and editing my blog I am considered the author of the work. In fact, I am already fulfilling one of my career options right this second by scribbling this down. I suppose you could call my blog my online novel or diary or read it as in eBook or something. The main thing is that I write to motivate and enlighten people. I also try to provide encouragement and an optimistic aurora. Writing is now one of my favourite things to do on a Saturday. I like to play with words - add some in, take some out and jumble them up. I would be delighted to write from a window above the clouds at FL370.

My dream whizzing through the air. The best thing? I would be in a different place for every word I would write. I believe that this would provide a magical feeling for the reader, these words have been composed from high above varied lands and seas. A different inch of the earth for almost every letter.

Not only can it be my second job, it can be my hobby.

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