Friday 23 December 2011

"Friday Fabulous Flyer"

Today, I was lucky enough to wake up to a wonderful blog post by Karlene Petitt. It wasn't any blog post, it was one about me. I earned the opportunity to be the "Friday Fabulous Flyer" on Karlene's blog, one of the most coveted achievements anyone can ever have.

If you wish to read the blog post, please pop over to Karlene's blog, accessible from this link:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Karlene sincerely for all the hard work and effort she puts into her blog. It truly is a credit to her. I feel privileged to be featured on such a wonderful blog.



  1. WOW! Way to go my friend! Real soon you'll be in the cockpit of one of those airliners I know it!

    Safe flying!

  2. Thank you so much Jean, have a Merry Christmas! :)

  3. That's awesome!
    Congratulations and a lot of luck in your career.
    Keep up the hard work, it will pay off eventually.

  4. Great to see you made it onto Karlene's blog. Soon you will be famous. Never give up chasing your dream!

  5. Thanks @Golfcharlie232 and @pilot_ngb, I believe it is a massive achievement to be featured on such a venerable blog. I hope to start my PPL soon, hopefully this will be the start of a demanding, enthralling career. Thank you for your wise words :)