Monday 21 November 2011

Personal Life Objectives and Career Goals

We all have objectives in our lives, whether it is cooking the easiest recipe or overcoming your biggest fear. Personally, I like to set small, achievable goals. Instead of taking flight training in a big block of work, I like to think of it as first obtaining my Private Pilot Licence and then the Airline Transport Pilot Licence. I do not like making huge objectives and aims, I usually lose motivation before I can even make my new hobby a habit.

Where am I going with all of this?

I think it is easier to share your life objectives and career goals with the rest of the world. When I read someones objectives, and then see them completing their lifelong ambition, it makes me think "I can do it". It motivates me and puts things into perspective. It makes me wonder what I am really capable of doing and then putting it into practice. When you share things with your friends and peers, they tend to encourage you and urge you to complete your aspirations. For example, since I have joined Twitter and Blogger, I have received nothing but encouragement from my acquaintances.

So, what are my life objectives and career goals?

1. My first ambition is to do well in the Leaving Certificate. A good Leaving Cert is everything when you are applying for a college course. The Irish system relies on 'points'. There are two levels of each subject to cater for each individuals intellectual level. Higher level subjects are worth 100 points, being more difficult than ordinary level subjects worth 60 points. The maximum amount of points attainable is 600, which is extremely desirable. The average amount of points achieved in the Leaving Certificate is about 350 - 400 points. The course that I wish to get a degree in is a mere 425 points, so I will have to work extremely hard over the next two years. My second choice course is around 300 points but with 6 higher level and 1 ordinary level subject I believe that I am capable of acquiring the 425 points required.

2. My ultimate career goal is to be an airline pilot. I believe that there is no other career that will suit me, I love aviation and the thought of transporting passengers around the world appeals to me. It is a dream for me to think that I could be the captain of a jet someday, a dream that I am going to make come true. Everyday I look to the sky for inspiration and I believe that once I am up there controlling the aircraft I will never want to descend from my high. It has been my dream to travel the world and being a pilot will hopefully make that a little easier. Less time but more varied destinations!

3. Last but not least, I want to enjoy my life. People often squint and say "how can you enjoy life by being an airline pilot?" I smile and respond "when you have a dream since being a young child, you have the intention of fulfilling that dream. Often, my dreams have faded and extinguished, but the dream of being an airline pilot has not which just proves my longing to execute it. The quality of life appeals to me, I enjoy the idea of living out of a suitcase for days on end. For me it is a win - win situation, I like both the advantages and disadvantages of the job. I have read many dismissive articles about the cost of training and about how being an airline pilot is not worth the hassle, but this makes me want to succeed even more." Let the encouragement prevail.

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