Saturday 22 October 2011

Well, they always say that after every bout of rain the sun reappears. Well that stands so far, but as I gaze out the window I can see a big, grey cloud approaching.

As you can see from my previous blog post, the weather was exceptionally droning. However, the weather did let up for about 2 hours, and here are some beautiful blue-sky pictures that I enjoy.

I really hope the sky stays like this for a while longer to see the British Airways 747 approaching my house! (BAW13K). I had a good two hours of plane spotting, and I captured this picture while out and about.

The American Airlines 757 to Boston is on the top and the British Airways 747 to JFK is on the bottom.

While writing this, I ran outside and I caught a glimpse of another British Airways 747 flying by to JFK.

Well, the clouds are beginning to sag  downwards and it is obvious that the water within will soon fall down to earth as gravity had intended it to.

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