Tuesday 3 January 2012

My View on Motivation

There are many different definitions of motivation in dictionaries and on the internet. I have used the word many times in different forms of writing, but not until today have I realised what it really means. There is more to motivation than just being "willing to execute a plan or an aspiration", it's about how you combine that with your correct mentality and feelings.

Most people feel 'motivated' to do things, maybe start a fitness plan or decorate their house one bit at a time. However, I wonder is motivation really included in this or is it just a mere list of goals? I often question do people really understand the meaning of motivation and the immense power that it included in its ten letters.

I didn't, until today. While out pounding the road, I belted the tunes out without thinking or feeling anything I was saying. When the weather took a turn for the worst, I captured a picture both with my eyes and my mind. I stood there in the pouring rain, visualised the road as a runway and bolted down it with the lack of reverse thrust. There was no stopping me.

After today, I have come to the conclusion that motivation is summing up everything you feel, throwing it into the pot for a mix and then bringing the plan to life. We must use motivation from one goal in order to be successful in another.

There will always be obstacles, but I am a firm believer that once you overcome one barrier, you can take the rest in your stride.

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