Sunday 3 March 2013

Weekly Blog Update 03/03/2013

For any aspiring pilots out there, who similar to me have a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator X but are often bewildered by the choice of doing circuits or actual airline operations, I would highly recommend the book "Microsoft Flight Simulator X
For Pilots: Real World

Well worth the money, after just a flicker through the pages I know already that I will use it to my advantage for future training. It seems to lure the basics of the real deal into FSX, using a Cub as the beginner aircraft to encourage the student to keep a good look out, a problem synonymous to FSX users when they transition to the cabin of their trainer. I might have only encountered an introductory flight, but I recognise the urge to keep your eyes fixed on the instrument panel like you have been doing with your virtual 737.

I hope it serves you as well as it will serve me!

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  1. Great post and very informative for me. Thanks, I am a ppl student in Canada.