Saturday 23 February 2013

Weekly blog update 23/02/2013

Avicii feat Nicky Romero - I Could Be the One.

This may seem  completely irrelevant to every AvGeek out there, or anyone reading this blog. But being stranded in school often renders me helpless. Maybe I'll be saying the same thing when I'm free and perhaps it's just an excuse, but why do I feel that I won't make it? Why do my insides tighten when I see someone passing their skills test and think that I'll mess my opportunity up in some way? A good record is imperative to be successful in the airline industry, and what happens if one silly maneuver could possibly mark the spiral descent of my aspirations?

There is no doubt that it's a risky stepping stone, and that being nervous is completely normal and possibly makes the experience all the more exciting. But my strive for perfection is possibly also my greatest weakness.

The reason why I posted the title of this song was to highlight that we are the only ones who can set ourselves free, and the motivation has to be within us to complete a task to the best of our ability. I have the motivation, I have the aspirations, but what next? I guess starting my Private Pilots License would be the answer to that, but (which happens to be my favourite word when it comes to embarking on my aviation career) what's restraining me?

School, money, thoughts of others. There's a culmination of reasons, and I guess just thinking too much about it is probably on the top of the list. The only person who can set you free is yourself, but I don't think that I have found that person yet.

Here's the link to the song and video if anyone would like to take a look!